Divided We Stand: A Novel

Divided We Stand: A Novel

A Political Thriller

Divided We Stand

Author: Howard Steinberg

It is 2020 and the United States no longer exists; it has been shattered into five contentious nations now called New America. Marcel Crisp, a multiracial renowned journalist, fired for his persistent anti-partition beliefs, moves with his wife from Chicago to Los Angeles to accept a position in one of the new nation’s governments, all the while secretly working with other patriots to re-unite the United States of America. Liberals and conservatives clash, as separatist factions force their own special interests to the forefront, but Marcel Crisp must find a way to reunify the five New America nations as they all face a deadly international nuclear threat. Political power plays, international intrigue, and sexual liaisons that catapult into murder are tightly plotted in this heart-pounding thriller.

Author Howard Steinberg was educated at the University of Illinois and UCLA and was awarded an Atomic Energy Commission Postdoctoral Fellowship at MIT. Steinberg’s expertise in military defense work, his in-depth knowledge of rocket fuels for ballistic missiles, and his years of service as President of the U.S. Borax Research Corporation brings a credibility to this book’s explosive tale of a nation shattered by greed and special interest groups, in need of a hero who can bring about reunification.

Publisher: Remember Point

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