Longfellow Finds A Home (Wiener Dog Tales)

Longfellow Finds A Home (Wiener Dog Tales)

Longfellow Finds A Home: (a children's book) (Wiener Dog Tales)

Author: Linda Shayne

LONGFELLOW FINDS A HOME is a rhyming, delightful children's book by an award-winning writer and illustrated by an Emmy Award winning animator. This heartwarming and humorous picture book is perfect for beginner readers and early learning readers, ideal for ages 3 to 8.

Longfellow, the blue wiener dog (dachshund, sausage dog) appears one evening on a moonlit night, without a place to call his home. After a whimsical, fantastical hot air balloon adventure with three cute puppies and many other animals, the once lonely Longfellow is taken in by a very kind family of dogs. Longfellow finds a home and he, along with the three funny puppies will soon have many more adventures together and more songs to sing!

This captivating picture book is perfect reading in the day and is an excellent bedtime story, as it promotes imagination, kindness, family and inclusiveness. This humorous, yet wonderfully heartwarming kids book is filled with bright, eye-popping and colorful illustrations, by Art Leonardi, who was on the original team of animators for the iconic "Pink Panther." The writer, screenwriter, TV and film director, Linda Shayne is currently working on the animated version of Longfellow as well as future books. Longfellow, the blue wiener dog, will bring kids and adults, smiles, joy and love. Perfect as a bedtime story or as daytime reading.

The Spanish language version of LONGFELLOW FINDS A HOME is now available "Longfellow Encuentra un Hogar" and the Japanese language translation will be out soon.

LONGFELLOW FINDS A HOME is the first in a series of adventures, it is Wiener Dog Tales # 1 ... and it is a classic!

Publisher: Remember Point

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