Children of Dust and Heaven

Children of Dust and Heaven

A Diary from Nazi Occupation through the Holocaust

Children of Dust and Heaven : A Diary from Nazi Occupation through the Holocaust

Author: Stefania Heilbrunn

Based on years of research, interviews and the author's own harrowing experiences, this non-fiction book is a vivid account of how the Nazis occupied her hometown in Europe and systematically captured, tormented and killed almost all of the thousands of Jews living in her town..

Starting with Hitler's orders and the Nazi Occupation, through the overcrowding of the ghetto, the concentration camps, work camps and death camps of the Holocaust, the author details the travesty, overt acts of terror, the banalities of evil, as well as courageous acts of bravery, the miracles and heroes that enabled survival to just a few hundred Jews of her town.

At the end of the war, when the author, as a young teen was searching the ruins of her town for other survivors, thrust upon her was a partial diary of a young girl, written by a teenager named Miriam, who died during the war. This diary propelled the author to tell this riveting collective memoir, which is both incredibly personal and yet tremendous in scope.

~ This book is now available in German language as "Kinder aus Staub und Himmel: Ein Tagebuch aus der NS-Besatzungszeit während des Holocausts: German Edition." ~

Publisher: Remember Point

A collective memoir. Introduction by Ester Tepper.

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